The Do’s and Don’ts of Paid Advertising on Black Friday

Calling all eCommerce brands - this is your one month warning. Black Friday is coming and it is coming around seriously FAST.

After what has been a year for the history books in every way, we’re expecting online sales to be at a record high for Black Friday this year due to the fact that many either can’t or don’t want to risk the high street. 

That means it is even more important to perfect your Black Friday advertising strategy this year than ever before. We’re going to be sharing with you our top ‘do’s and don’ts’ for paid social media ads this Black Friday, so you can be confident you’re promoting ads that will actually convert. 


DO have a good pricing and discount strategy 

The number one key to success for Black Friday is to have a discount/pricing strategy for the period that will actually catch customers’ eyes.

Gone are the days of Black Friday being a one day event. We now see sales building up all week to the main event and then continuing right through till Cyber Monday. To keep the sales coming in, you have to keep the offers fresh. One blanket discount for 7 days might start strong but it’ll soon tail off.

Customers like variety and this is the time to give it them. Create a discount strategy that is going to keep customers coming back every day.

DO have great seasonal content ready

The content you use for your ads, whether it’s an image or a video, is one of the main things that is going to make customers stop and engage.

No matter how good your usual ad content is, don’t rely on it for Black Friday ads. Your content should be designed specifically to boast about your sale and grab customers attention.

Think banners, discounts in bold, key products centre stage, whatever is going to make your customers notice your ads.

DO create copy that answers every question

You want your Black Friday ads to generate sales, not questions, which is where the right copy will come into play.

Copy that could be too vague, confusing or just too simplified can raise questions in the comments of your ads and delay customers converting on your website. You want to really think about the copy you create for each ad and ensure it says what it needs to say without generating lots of questions.

Your copy should perfectly relate to the content and give away the must know details such as product name, price, discount and shipping cost (if it’s free).


DON’T leave your ad building too late

The number one DON’T on our list is do not leave your ad building too late…aka, don’t try building your Black Friday ads the day before, or even the week before.

Facebook in particular can take its time to approve ads at the best of times. Add an internationally recognised sales period into the mix and you can guarantee that approval delays are going to be inevitable.

Don’t miss out on your slice of the Black Friday cash by not getting your ads up in time. Be organised and get your ads approved and ready to go live any time from now but no later than two weeks before.

DON’T keep editing your ads once live

There’s a temptation to keep editing the copy and content of live ads that are performing but this is a big no-no for the Black Friday period.

Even if your ad is doing great, if the content and copy needs updating and you update the current ad, you’ll send it back into review and once live, back into learning phase. This will mean the ad isn’t even live for a period of time and will also slow the performance of the ad once it is live.

How do you get around this? Be organised and set multiple ads up in the ad sets you know will perform. Get all of them approved and then paused beforehand and simply turn on the ones you need.

DON’T over-complicate things

The key thing to remember when using paid social media ads on Black Friday is to simply not over-complicate things. 

Complicated ads don’t work day to day, so they certainly won’t work here. Customers want to know about great deals and be able to shop them easily, that’s all.

This busy period isn’t the time for long back stories to products, complicated pricing strategies or a lengthy checkout processes – ease is key.

Make the messaging clear through the content and the copy, make sure your CTA button is set up correctly and make sure your website can stand the pressure too 

Black Friday can be huge for every brand if you prepare properly. Remember though, these are just our tips for paid ads, don’t forget about having enough stock, a website built for the job and the right distribution set up to fulfil the orders.

Worried about getting Black Friday right? Book a call with one of our team to see if we can help you before the big sale season begins.