Email Marketing – Our Top 5 Tips

Fed up with sending out marketing emails that get no response? Level up your email marketing game with these 5 top tips for making emails convert into sales.
In a world where social media reigns supreme, email marketing feels a bit like a thing of the past. Well, guess what… it’s not.
Email marketing is absolutely still an essential part of your wider digital marketing strategy. There are so many reasons why now is not the time to overlook email marketing. The main one being that customers are on to us. They know our game and they actually await our marketing emails before completing their purchases. If we don’t deliver, they might not convert.
So, want to send marketing emails that actually turn into sales? Well, here are our top 5 tips:

  Eye-catching subject lines

Getting your subject lines right is a real balancing act. They need to be eye-catching and enticing but without being cliché or overused. Your subject line needs to act as a teaser of what’s inside. A hint towards the contents of your email that doesn’t give too much away. However, before writing your subject line, have a scroll through your own inbox. Have a look at the subject lines you’re seeing pop up a lot and avoid them. It’s not that they’re not good, it’s more that if they’re already in your inbox, they’re already being overused.

Originality is key to a good subject line. Remember, less can also be more. Subject lines don’t always have to be cryptic, sometimes the best ones are the simple ones.

 Mobile-friendly design 

The majority of marketing emails will be designed and built on a desktop, not a mobile. So they look great on the laptop screen but that isn’t enough nowadays.
According to Hubspot’s 2020 email marketing insights report, 46% of emails are now opened on a mobile. So, taking that into consideration, it’s essential that your emails look equally as good on mobile as they do on desktop. The majority of email marketing providers will give you the option to preview your email as it will appear on desktop and mobile, so make sure you work off both.

Fool-proof flows

The best marketing emails are the ones that land in the customer’s inbox at the perfect time. You can create the best email in the world with genuine value to your customer but send it at the wrong time and it will be valueless. Setting up automated flows that ensure your customers receive the right email at the right time will improve conversion value without you needing to lift a finger.
For example, your customer expects a discount code now… and they’re waiting for it. They know that abandoning their cart is likely to work in their favour and they’re not going to checkout until you play the game. Set up an automated flow that drops a 10% off code in their inbox after 30 mins of abandoning checkout and watch the sales roll in.

Show customers what they want to see

Mobile phones are the new shop window, whether that’s social media, emails, or even websites. We have to use our digital marketing tactics to show off our best stock and emails are no different.
If a customer is simply scanning your email, opposed to reading it, they’ll notice the images, not the words. With that in mind, show them what they want to see. Lead with your best-sellers and the products on your site that get the most traffic. These are likely to be the items your customers have been eyeing up anyway, so seeing them again might just be enough to push that purchase.

 Send fewer emails 

Seriously, send fewer emails. No matter how invested a customer is in your brand, if an email doesn’t have some sort of benefit to them, they will just scroll past it. The emails that convert the best are the ones that provide something. That can be a discount code, an offer, a heads up on a sale, or the announcement of a new launch.
Day to day, chit chat emails are likely to have a lower open rate, and even if a great subject line improves the open rate, the conversion rate will probably still be low. Streamline your email marketing and contact people when it’s genuinely necessary or relevant and watch the conversion rate rocket.
Feeling excited about email marketing again? If you’re still feeling a little unsure about how to make an impression in customers’ inboxes, don’t do it alone!
Our team have the email marketing expertise to help your campaigns fly. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today.