Micro Influencers - How Could They Help Your Brand?

Not sure what a micro influencer is or how it can help your business? Read on as we delve into everything you need to know about micro influencing in 2020.

Has a celebrity ever influenced you to buy something?

If the answer is yes… well, we expected that answer. Influencer marketing has slowly become one of the most successful forms of marketing, especially amongst the younger generations. The concept is simple: Find someone with an audience who’s willing to tell them how much they love your product/service. Most people are familiar with the term ‘social media influencer’ but an area that isn’t talked about half as much is micro influencing.

Micro influencing is the same concept as influencer marketing but on a much smaller scale. We’ve seen a rise in YouTuber’s and reality stars over the last decade, who build up a very reputable and valuable following, ready for brands to utilise. The rise of the common influencer has become a viable marketing tool for a lot of businesses and brands across the world.

This blog post will cover everything you need to know about micro influencers, and how your business could use them to promote your brand.

What is a micro-influencer?

Unlike typical celebrities and public figures, micro influencers work on a much smaller scale. They typically have between 1,000-10,000 followers and are usually well known in a particular area. For example, beauty, fitness or technology, etc. They have higher engagement rates than celebrities or public figures, as they work with a more niche market. They are usually seen to be more authentic, offering the everyday person honest and reputable reviews. In general, you get more for your money when using micro influencers, so for most businesses, this is the viable option. 

Why are micro-influencers valuable?

1. They have a more targeted audience and better engagement rates.

Micro influencers generally tend to specify in a particular area. This means that the majority of their followers will be interested in their area of expertise, meaning you as a brand, can tap into your key target audience. It’s a great way to get more personable with your customers, and even discover more winning audiences through these influencers. For example, if a clothing brand partnered with Kim Kardashian, her reach would be huge but not necessarily to people interested in fashion. If said clothing brand instead, uses 100 fashion micro influencers, they’ll be able to reach a smaller but more targeted and engaging audience. Sometimes it’s not about having the most followers, but how their followers engage with their content.

2. They are more affordable.

If it wasn’t already obvious, micro influencers will charge significantly less than big-name celebrities and public figures. Some celebrities can charge up to $550,000 for a single Instagram post and these prices of course don’t work for all businesses. This means that micro influencers may fit into your marketing budget a bit better, as opposed to larger names. And as a bonus, the quality of potential customers you may reach will be a lot better. Using a few micro influencers for one campaign would cost less than one big celebrity name.

3. They are more authentic and trusted.

As the big influencers become more and more a part of our everyday marketing world, the consumer's trust in them is lessening. Customers are starting to become savvy to the fact that the bigger names in the business are getting paid to love a product - can they trust their word?

Using micro influencers takes away that risk. Their followers trust them more. They come across authentic, so their followers are way more likely to engage and interact with your brand. Users notice this and relate to their content a lot more.

So, there you have it, all the reasons a micro influencer campaign could be the perfect fit for your business. Want to know more? Get in touch.