The Shopify Apps Your Marketing Strategy Needs

Although social media might be King of the marketing strategy nowadays, there’s so many additional apps you could and SHOULD be using to take your marketing to the next level. 

Shopify sites are one of the most used by ecommerce brands and for a very simple reason, they’re super effective. They’re customisable, easy to use and also easy to upgrade to be exactly what you need them to be.

There’s a number of apps you can add to your Shopify site that will really level up your marketing game and these are our top recommendations:


Email marketing has been a go-to for all brands for the years and although some may have doubted its relevancy to the modern marketing strategy over recent years, we know from our own experience that it is very much still one of the most efficient ways to reach your customers.

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that can be connected to your Shopify site to provide pop ups and email sign ups and the email addressed will be inputted directly into a customer list on Klaviyo for you to deliver email marketing too. 

Klaviyo also allows you to build custom flows that are triggered by actions on your site, such as a specific product purchase or abandoned cart. You can set up specific emails off the back of these flows that look both professional and on-brand to create another touchpoint with your customer.

SMS Bump

It is thought that around 44% of the world population have a smartphone and according to an article in The Guardian, around 20% of smartphone uses can spend up to 4.5 hours a day on their mobiles.

With this in mind, SMS or text marketing can be one of the most efficient ways to mop up abandoned carts on your website. SMS Bump is the app we recommend to all of our clients as it can be used with Shopify sites so easily and is genuinely effective.

SMS Bump can be used to send up follow up texts to customers at various stages of their journey but often when they have filled in their details at checkout and then abandoned before finishing the purchase. We’ve seen cases of these types of texts improving conversions by up to 40% with our clients.

SMS Bump can also be used to make texts another general marketing channel. Once you have a customer list built up, you can send texts to notify them about deals, sales, new launches and more.

Candy Rack

If you’re not familiar with the concept of upselling, this is essentially how you take the purchase of one item worth £50 and turn it into a sale of three items worth £100, simply by recommending additional, associated products to the customer.

This could sound like quite a manual task but by adding the Candy Rack app to your Shopify site, you can set it up in just 16 seconds (according to them anyway). Candy Rack automates branded design pop ups on your site that appear when specific items are purchased, recommending related add-ons to the customer, often at a discounted rate. 

By putting these recommendations right in front of the customer, ‘striking when the iron’s hot’ if you will, the customer is more likely to add on. For example, if your customer has just purchased a lamp, try upselling spare bulbs for a discounted rate – they’re more likely to buy them now than later.

Lucky Orange

When paid ads don’t work straight away, we often look to the ads to place blame but more often than not, if an ad is delivering and generating good traffic to the site, the issue may lie with the website.

Lucky Orange can be added to your Shopify site in less than 5 minutes and allows you to visually and clearly follow customer journeys through your site and easily identify where the key problems lie.

Providing you with heat maps that highlight where the biggest frustrations of the site lie can help you quickly identify where to make the changes. You can also see which part of your contact form or checkout process is causing the most abandonments so you can make changes here too.

By being able to follow customers as they use your site and even provide poll pop ups to get feedback, you can customise a site that works how they want it to and in turn, converts better. 

Hopefully this blog has opened your eyes to how much more your Shopify site could be doing for you, if set up with all the right apps. As an agency partner to Shopify, we really do have the skills and experience to help you create a full 360 marketing strategy, encompassing your site, your social media ads and other marketing touchpoints.

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