Instagram Broadcast Channels 101: Everything you need to know

Thursday, October 12th, 2023

Everything you need to know about Instagram’s newest feature: Broadcast Channels.


Broadcast Channels 101 

If you are active on Instagram, you will have recently noticed the appearance of ‘broadcast channels’ for UK users. The purpose of broadcast channels is for accounts and creators to send one-way messages to a group of followers who choose to join these channels. 

Think of the broadcast channels like a group chat, however, only the followed account can send messages. These messages can come in the form of text, voice notes, photos, videos and polls. The only interaction followers can have with the channel is reacting to messages, voting on polls, or alternatively responding with a direct message to the creator themselves.

Some useful things to note when learning about this new feature is that you do not have to join the channels of every account you follow, and you can leave the channel at any point. Also, broadcast channels cannot be accessed on any desktop browser, but only through the app itself, which emphasises that group chat feel even more.

If you haven’t even come across these channels yet and you want to know how to find them, simply go to your favourite brand’s Instagram account and you will see an icon like this:

Click on this to join the channel. There is also the option to go to your direct messages and use the search bar to view specific accounts or explore suggested accounts for broadcast channels.


As Instagram users, we love being able to interact with our favourite brands and accounts- we haven’t even explored the numerous benefits for brands and creators. It is easy to overlook this new channel of marketing because of its simplicity, so let’s take a look at why it is so effective. 

What is the point of Instagram broadcast channels from a business perspective? These channels allow brands, creators, influencers, and everything in between to deepen their connection with their audience and followers.

Going back to the group chat elements of the feature, it creates a sense of community by welcoming followers and customers into this ‘exclusive circle’. Creating a community and engaging with customers is something that we always recommend implementing, as far as organic marketing goes, this makes it SO easy to keep customers engaged and loyal. Customers love to feel as though they are valued and play a crucial part in your brand, so this is a great way to maintain their loyalty and continued custom.


How to use Broadcast Channels as a brand or creator

This channel of customer engagement provides endless possibilities and opportunities for your brand that can help you stay connected, and also help with the promotion of brand news and new products. So, how can your brand use broadcast channels to drive sales and generate more traffic?

Firstly, brands can release exclusive teasers and early information on new product launches via their broadcast channel. Incorporating this free channel into your launch strategy is a cost-effective way of notifying customers about all releases within the unmissable location of their Instagram DMs. Not only are you giving your followers exclusive insights, but you are guaranteeing an increase in website traffic.

Also, you can use this opportunity to address any customer pain points on a more personal level. Your brand’s Instagram following may contain a number of prospective customers from your middle-of-funnel audience, meaning that your channel is also your opportunity to convert. By addressing pain points and answering FAQs it can make your customer service more efficient whilst driving prospective customers to purchase.

There are so many ways to use broadcast channels as a marketing tool, and focusing on this community feel and exclusive nature of this new feature is so accessible to you as a brand.


If you want to find out more about what you can and should be including in your social media marketing strategy, across paid and organic social, then get in touch so we can help you explore your options and build your strategy.