5 Marketing Tips to take into 2023

Wednesday, January 11th, 2023

And just like that, 2023 is officially here! Traditional digital marketing has undergone a huge shift in the last two years, therefore many brands have had to accommodate new experimental ways of advertising. 

Just like fashion, marketing trends come and go; so it is essential that as a brand owner, you should plan your yearly marketing strategy around this fast-paced industry to guarantee your relevancy and stay ahead of the curve. 

Keep reading to discover our top 5 marketing tips to help you stay on track for everything to come this new year…


1. UGC & Influencer marketing

It goes without saying that UGC and video-based content remain the top dog in the world of digital marketing. Thanks to the popularity of TikTok, consumers are more likely to try a product or service if they see a ‘real person’ recommending it. 

As of 2022, 93% of marketing professionals use influencer marketing as an effective way to: 

  • Reach new audiences 
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Build trust 
  • Drive conversions 
  • Connect to wider audiences 

This new year, take extra time to learn and experiment with UGC influencer marketing in your ad campaigns, you never know the audiences you could reach!


2. Iterations, iterations, iterations! 

We’re all guilty of it, throwing anything at a wall to see what sticks. Let’s put an end to that this new year…

Probably one of our favourite tips on this list, make sure to prioritise iterations with all your creative content, whether that’s ad creatives or copy (based on data of simply what’s working, and what’s not working). 

Not only is this a time-saving and cost-effective way of working, but it is also the most efficient way of seeing first-hand what is working best for your audience and what your audiences want to see from you. 

“The intent with iterations is to get closer to the final product with each test. Each time you test, you make minor changes based on the feedback from the audience. When you test and learn quickly from a marketing campaign, you save time from extensive planning on an idea that may not even speak to your audience.” (cprime.com)

Remember, the quicker you test the more you will learn and this will ultimately lead to top-tier creatives that will hopefully resonate with your audiences, as well as make the creative direction clearer going forward!


3. Lean into learning new tools

2023 is not the time to be a one-trick pony! Take time to learn up-and-coming tools and techniques, so you’re always prepped for what’s to come. 

Whether it’s just watching a few online tutorials or even attending a full-length course, developing your skills will be hugely beneficial to your long-term success this new year, and will prove to your audience (and competitors…) that you’re paying attention to trends and staying ahead of the game. 

We recommend dedicating at least one hour a week (minimum) to learning a new skill via the following: 

  • Youtube tutorials
  • Paid online courses 
  • Books 
  • Podcasts 

A successful marketer is always learning and staying aware of technological/social changes to be at the top of their game – by staying disciplined, you can ensure that’s you!


4. Take time to build your brand’s reputation and social responsibility 

Basic advertising practices don’t cut it anymore with the average consumer. With such a huge  pool of similar brands, it can be hard to stick out amongst your competitors. With that in mind, 66% of consumers are willing to consider a brand (and pay more) when said brand demonstrates social commitment. 

Make a point to highlight social responsibility efforts via marketing campaigns 

  • Promoting environmentally friendly packaging 
  • Promotions that spread awareness of social issues 
  • Directing a portion of profit to charity/important causes you believe in


5. Consider new targeting solutions 

With Google set to phase out third-party cookies by the end of 2023, that could leave many brands in a sticky situation if not well prepared… 

Cookies play a huge role in target marketing by tracking a user’s behaviour, therefore this removal may have a big impact on delivering a customised experience and could drastically affect your future campaigns. 

In order to keep things running smoothly, we recommend experimenting with different forms of targeting solutions throughout the year (eg email marketing data), and to overall dedicate a good portion of time to understanding what’s on the horizon for the initial removal of third-party cookies, so you can accommodate your late 2023-2024 marketing strategy accordingly.


And that’s a wrap! If you need that extra push to make 2023 the best year for your brand’s digital marketing presence, or perhaps need some further advice on the big changes and trends that are due to come, feel free to get in touch with our expert team of social media marketers.