A Beginner's Guide to Effective Branding

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

When you’re building a business, it’s also important to build a brand : a company identity that separates you from the competition, conveys your message and personality, and makes you recognisable in your market sector.


In today’s market, competition is high- more and more brands are coming into existence, and we have so much choice with our interests and needs. So it’s more important than ever to present your business’s originality and stand out with clear, cohesive and professional branding. This will present you as a strong market contender, and make your target audience remember you.


Read on to find out what to consider when upping your branding game, and why branding is more important than ever.


First of all, what do you need for effective branding? 


How your brand makes your customers feel depends on your market, target audience, product line and brand identity – but there’s always an opportunity to stand out amongst your competitors. 


It’s important to keep things consistent, sticking to your brand guidelines across all your business’s creative output, website, social media and internal/external communication.


Visually speaking, here are the factors to pay attention to:


  1. Distinct logo : create a symbol or graphic that is visually appealing, simple and original, and effectively represents your brand identity/the products you offer.
  2. Brand colours: establish an attractive colour palette – this may be one dominant colour, or many colours used equally across all media.
  3. Brand fonts : decide your typeface (eg serif, sans serif) and whether you will use the same or different fonts for headlines and body text.


Considering your business’s brand voice, it’s important to establish a clear, consistent TOV (tone of voice) across all written copy. Ask yourself : how do you want to make your audience feel? 


Your TOV could be:

  1. informal or formal (ie chatty/familiar/exclamatory vs serious/informative/distant)
  2. punchy/to-the-point or more descriptive/flowing in style.


Either style can engage your audience, depending on your product line – but it’s important to set your TOV and stick with it, to create a consistent brand voice.


Next, why is branding important?

  1. It increases brand recognition : with a fully coordinated brand design and colour palette across all creatives, including your logo, your brand can be recognised in seconds.
  2. It strongly establishes your brand in the market : memorable, original branding will stick in people’s minds, allowing your brand to increase in mind share amongst your competitors. Most of the time, when people first come into contact with your brand, they’re not looking to buy straightaway – but eye-catching, professional branding will greatly assist in making them remember your brand at the point they wish to purchase products/services you offer.
  3. It increases brand loyalty : strong recognition and memorability builds loyalty. Utilise great branding to impress potential customers and build trust in a clearly established brand. 


Branding is a continuous process – it requires routine evaluation to ensure branding is fresh, relevant and original in ever-changing markets. By paying attention to the factors above, you’ll be well on your way to presenting yourself as a market leader.


Need assistance with your brand development? Our specialist team here at Social Nucleus can help with that – book a call with us today to find out how we can help take your business to new heights.