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Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

How to Create Seasonal Marketing Campaigns with a Difference

Keeping your brand fresh and up to date can sometimes seem difficult. Running seasonal marketing campaigns can seem repetitive, boring and very unoriginal. Even if you aren’t a seasonal business, it’s important you adapt your marketing strategy to keep up with the holidays. 

It’s also important you stand out from the crows when it comes to seasonal campaigns, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, New Year, etc. Today’s post is going to walk you through our top tips to creating a seasonal marketing campaign with a difference, to ensure you stand out from the rest this holiday!

Make it centred around your unique products

If your brand has a unique product that is specifically focused on a holiday, showcase it. Make your campaign centred around this product. Display its unique selling points, explain and push why your customers need this product. It’s also super important you pick the right seasonal opportunity, and this will largely depend on the product you plan to focus on. Do your research, collect data on when customers are most likely to engage with a product like yours and make the right choice. 

Avoid the common one-liners and phrases of the season

I mean, this one goes without saying. Customers are sick of hearing overused one-liners such as “place our product under your tree this Christmas”. BORING. We’ve all heard it before. As a copywriting marketer, you should ALWAYS be thinking of new, catchy lines to use in your marketing campaigns, and to really make a difference, you want something unique to your brand and your product.

Give the campaign a deeper story or meaning – not just about the holiday

The most effective seasonal campaigns tell a story. They don’t just focus on the holiday itself. It tells a story, engages their viewers, draws them in, makes them relate… you get the gist. To really make a difference and stand out, give your campaign a deeper meaning. Map the customer journey and tell the story you want to tell. 

Enlist a charity or partner brand

Over the years, we’ve seen many successful brands partner with charities for their seasonal campaigns, particularly Christmas ones. Enlisting or working with a charity can set your brand apart. By showing that you care about more than just making a sale, will ironically, surely increase your sales. Customers will see you as more than just a company. They will connect, relate and engage with your story and will feel encouraged to purchase. 

Provide an incentive or deal to the customer that’s better or different from the rest

We see seasonal campaigns all the time offering incentives – but in order to make a difference, you need to make your offer unique. Giving a percentage discount on products is extremely overused. To make a difference, you need to do something outside the box, such as, free gifts, competitions, free subscriptions for a year. There are multiple areas you can look at here, but you have to make sure it’s a better and different incentive to your competitors. 

Feeling excited about seasonal marketing again? So are we! We hope this post has provided you with some inspiration to smash your next seasonal campaign but if not, we’re always here to help.

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