How to level up your marketing game with key marketing dates

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

Find out how to utilise upcoming marketing dates to your advantage with this handy checklist.

Got a few key marketing dates coming up that you want to use? Here’s a checklist for you to make sure you take full advantage of these in your marketing output.

We’ll be covering the following in this article :

1.Create an exciting promotion
2.Theme up on socials
3.Engage on email
4.Grab attention on ads


First of all, here’s a few dates you need to be paying attention to this month:

1st-30th June : Pride Month

3rd June : Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday

5th June : World Environment Day

19th June : Father’s Day


Getting involved with dates like these is a great way to put your brand out there, stay relevant and engage with your target audience. It makes a creative way to reach your ultimate goal: driving website traffic and conversions.

To fully capitalise on upcoming marketing dates, it’s essential to prepare your content in advance, across your socials, website and ads. Then when the date rolls around, your campaign is strong and fully tailored to engage with your audiences.

Let’s go ahead and break down your campaign strategy, so you know exactly what you need to do to prepare for your next marketing date.


1. Create an exciting promotion

Setting up a special discount or product offer to celebrate a themed date is a great strategy to boost conversions from new and loyal customers alike. 

This could be exclusive to newsletter subscribers, with a themed code to use at checkout, or for all site visitors. To create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, consider adding a timer to your landing page or newsletter email, counting down to the end of the offer.

Here’s a few examples of landing pages for the Platinum Jubilee this weekend:


2. Theme up on socials

Make sure to commemorate the event on your socials, whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or LinkedIn. 

Use relevant hashtags to increase your reach, and consider creating an eye-catching graphic that pulls attention on the quickest of scrolls. Add creative captions that are on theme and contain an engaging CTA to drive site traffic, perhaps even promising an offer when you visit the website.

Here’s an example from Paperchase’s Instagram :

If you’re extra keen to capitalise on a themed date, consider a themed hashtag challenge on TikTok. Create a custom hashtag for customers to use on their own videos featuring your products – this will engage your audiences and build brand awareness.


3. Engage on email

Your email marketing gives you a stellar opportunity to let your creativity take the stage with themed dates. Create a themed template with creative copy, engaging CTAs and promote any themed offers you’re running. These could be VIP sales on certain products, or code-unlocking bundle deals.

Remember – your subject line is incredibly important if you want to boost your open (and click) rates. Write an attention-grabbing subject line that would stand out in your inbox, making use of on-theme emojis where appropriate.

4. Grab attention on ads

The final part to consider devoting attention to is your paid Facebook and Google ads. Target and attract new audiences with themed graphics, and retarget existing audiences with any on-theme promotions you’re running. It’s a sure-fire way to drive traffic with clear relevancy and exciting exclusivity.


All in all – let your creativity run wild, and invest time in upcoming marketing dates to take your brand to the next level. Note down the upcoming themed dates you could use to your advantage and plan ahead – so you’re ready to drive that traffic and sales when the day rolls around.


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