How to start prepping for Black Friday NOW

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

Black Friday is undoubtedly the biggest date in the eComm calendar (Friday 24th November- add it to your diary if you haven’t already). If you want this BF to be your biggest YET, here’s what you can do right NOW to start prepping your customers to spend big on your store.


1.Drive for LOYALTY:

Grow your brand loyalty and engagement via retention marketing: loyal customers stick around – and many wait for the big price drops and offers to give back, after all the value and engagement you’ve given them across your socials, email newsletters and blogs. Keep your most engaged followers and subscribers coming back for more, with high-quality, memorable and unique content that addresses their interests and lifestyles.


2. Make your brand HEARD:

It’s more important than ever to present yourself as a key market contender, above the competition and worthy of the market’s attention. Utilise your paid social ads to reach new audiences, tapping into audience and creative testing to see what makes your customers tick. You can even reach new audiences organically with boosted social posts and referral programmes, to spread the love for your brand and keep it memorable in your target demographic’s mind.


3. Educate to accumulate:

Your target audience needs to know exactly WHY they need to be investing in your offering this Black Friday. Keep reminding them why your product/service is crucial to heal their pain points and benefit their life. Why does it stand out? What’s the reason why it came into existence? What have other happy customers had to say? Share insightful social proof from which potential customers can learn why they should opt in- in a big way this Black Friday: via customer testimonials, reviews and UGC.


4. Build that HYPE:

Why not tease your upcoming offers? It’s never too early to start alluding to the exciting Black Friday you’ve got planned. We’re not suggesting you reveal all (they’ll have to be patient!) but announce there’s big things coming. As the days start creeping closer to the big day, you might uncover some of what’s in store. Your audience simply needs to know that your store is where they HAVE to be on the 24th November…


That’s a wrap! We hope that helps get you in gear for the biggest Friday of the year. And remember- you’re not alone: if you need a helping hand and a little expertise to elevate your marketing strategy ahead of Q4 and Black Friday, it couldn’t be a better time to join us.

We’re experts in all things digital marketing, from paid social to retention channels, and we know how to help you connect with potential and current customers alike. Now more than ever, you’ll be in the safest hands to grow your brand to the stars.

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