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Monday, July 26th, 2021

Another month down and so many great moments to look back on in the world of online marketing news. Today’s post is going to explore our favourite picks from the latest marketing news this month and hopefully you can take some inspiration from our choices to vamp up your next campaign.

The Bumble Brew

Earlier in July, Bumble opened their very own cafe named ‘Bumble Brew’ in New York. The stylish and on-brand cafe is said to combine the “convenience of casual all-day cafe by night with ambiance of an intimate restaurant and wine bar at night”.

The cafe was borne off the back of the success of their multiple bumble pop ups around New York and London in 2017.

Head of Brand Partnerships, Julia Smith said “At Bumble, we’re fueled by bringing people together to build genuine connections — both on and off the app… We’ve seen a resounding response to the Bumble Hive pop-ups we’ve hosted around the world and noticed a clear appetite for a permanent space where people could connect.”

After a year and a half of lockdown, this is the perfect time to launch something like this. People are keen to connect face-to-face after spending so much time apart, making this a very clever marketing technique.

It also highlights the importance of a multi-channel strategy. When it comes to marketing, brands often think online marketing is the way to go and often neglect other, more traditional forms of advertisement. Offline marketing is a powerful tool and should always be utilised where possible. Doing so successfully can have multiple online benefits that elevate brand awareness.

Kanye West Premieres New Album

Rapper, fashion designer and all-round enigmatic superstar Kanye West unveiled his latest album ‘Donda’ this week. West, who is never too far from controversy, has had an interesting few years musically, having cancelled the much anticipated ‘Yandhi’ amid a switch to a gospel-inspired Christian project.

West is known for his unconventional releases, often delaying or outright cancelling many projects, and this latest project has been no different. The rapper officially announced the album by teasing a song from it on a Beats by Dre ad featuring Sha’Carri Richardson, who has been in the headlines herself recently.

This followed weeks of teases by other artists, such as Tyler The Creator. The hype has steadily been building for a while now and it’s culminated in a huge event streamed live from Atlanta. An array of prominent rap artists appear on the album including Travis Scott, Pusha T and JAY-Z.

It’s safe to say this is one of the most anticipated albums of the year and it’s been a masterclass in marketing from West. While many had assumed a new project was on the way, the official announcement set social media ablaze and now there are legions of waiting fans, eagerly refreshing Spotify, Apple Music and more to see Kanye has dropped it.

To say all this anticipation has built up in just one week is extraordinary and shows just how effective a well-thought campaign can be. By unveiling the album alongside a recognised brand like Beats, followed by one of the biggest musical live events of the past two years, West has cultivated the kind of hype most brands can only dream of.

Adidas’ Liquid Campaign

In celebration of Adidas’ commitment to making the future of sports as inclusive as possible, they revealed the world’s first-ever liquid billboard in Dubai.

Ladies were invited to take a jump “Beyond the surface” wearing their new Burkini collection which aims to give a greater choice of swim apparel for all.

Amrith Gopinath, Adidas’ Brand Director said “Our belief is that nobody should be prevented from enjoying the benefits of being in and around the water, hence the recent launch of our diversified product offering for all women and our Burkini Collection”.

After commissioning a YouGov survey in 2021, Adidas revealed that only 12% of women in the UAE feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit in public. Adidas’ liquid billboard campaign is a great example of reactive marketing, benefiting from the support of thousands of men and women across the globe, whilst also inspiring women to feel their best in what they wear… of course driving sales.

Domino’s Pizza, Something To Shout About?

The phrase ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ has been heavily debated by marketers since time immemorial. This month, renowned pizza experts Domino’s have put that adage to the test, with their latest ad campaign.

The adverts in question revolve around their new group ordering feature on their app. This is presumably in response to the easing of lockdown restrictions and in anticipation of large orders from gatherings, parties and other social activities now permitted.

While the service sounds like a great new feature for Domino’s, the ads themselves have caused quite a stir. In them, a group of friends yodel to each other across a city, asking what they want to order. It’s a novel and fairly amusing idea on first viewing, but after just a few weeks, some are already tired of it.

Many have flocked to social media to voice their disdain over the ad, particularly viewers of shows like Love Island, where the ads have been played repeatedly.

On the one hand, trending on Twitter because so many people hate your ads isn’t the ideal response Domino’s would have wanted. On the other, this has probably brought the brand more visibility than any other marketing campaign they have ran over the past couple of years.

While there are no sales figures to analyse as of right now, the ads have certainly thrust Domino’s into the limelight. The sheer number of people who have engaged with the ad, coupled with the convenience of the new group ordering service, will surely translate into more conversions with the brand.

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