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Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

It’s Christmas! Well, not yet, but you can certainly see it’s getting closer. Whether it’s the invasion of Christmas songs on the radio, adornment of lights in the streets or the sudden presence of mince pies in every supermarket aisle, the festive season is steadily approaching. That also means that a new batch of Christmas campaigns is being wheeled out by the top brands.


We all know the drill by now; slow, acoustic covers of massive songs, tear-jerking stories and sometimes even a few laughs. However, there are always a few that stand out from the rest, so stick with us as we go through the best Christmas campaigns of 2021!



John Lewis


Of course, no Christmas marketing round-up would be complete without Joh Lewis. The department store has become famous for its festive ads. Over the years they’ve tugged at the nation’s heartstrings with short narratives filled with emotional twists and turns, ultimately guiding us towards buying a cuddly toy or woolly jumper.


This year, their ad is literally out of this world, with a short story focussing on an alien girl who crashes to earth during Christmas. It’s a pseudo-E.T set-up, one that lacks much of the charm of previous John Lewis. However, it’s still impressive to see the brand pump out stories that connect with customers year after year.


Sports Direct


It wouldn’t be Christmas without the various sporting goods brands pulling out world-class line-ups for their campaigns. While there have been a few good ones, we think Sports Direct’s effort takes first place this year.


To start, there are a plethora of sports stars on display here, including the likes of Jack Grealish, Mason Mount and Emma Raducanu. The premise involves these athletes competing in the most star-studded snowball fight in history. There are plenty of great moments, such as Raducanu serving a snowball straight into Grealish’s back. It’s a nice bit of festive fun perfect for this time of year.




Kevin the Carrot has become an unlikely mascot over the years, with the sentient vegetable capturing hearts up and down the country. This ad parodies Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol and features a host of characters based on fruit and veg. This includes Ebanana Scrooge and Marcus Radishford, played by Marcus Rashford himself.


While it’s humorous and more than a little bit silly, there is a good message behind all the laughs. Aldi partnered with children’s charity Bernardo’s for this campaign and Rashford’s presence drives the point home: Christmas isn’t just about the getting, it’s the giving that really counts.




After taking a break from saving civilians and swinging through the streets of New York City, Tom Holland has landed another iconic role; Percy Pig! He’s not the only famous face in the ad either, with the Vicar of Dibley herself Dawn French getting involved.


They do a great job of bringing the story to life, but the true stars of the show are the various dishes taken from M&S’ festive range. They are shown in delicious detail and, with the spotlight firmly on them, make a great case for taking centre stage on your Christmas dinner!




It should be no surprise that the master of family-friendly animation has delivered a wonderful festive ad. This is one of the few stories to be part of a wider narrative as well, as it continues the story told in their 2020 campaign. It sees a new stepdad adjust to family life with his wife, who incidentally was the little girl from last year’s ad, and her children.


There are numerous emotional beats, with a lot of references to Disney franchises like Frozen, Mickey Mouse and more. However, the standout here is the gorgeous animation, which could easily be used in any full-feature length film from the brand. It doesn’t do too much to push a product as such, but it is a wonderful display of the storytelling they are capable of.


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