How to create TikTok ads that convert

Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

Once your business has joined TikTok, the next step is creating content that converts. To be successful on this platform, there’s a formula to follow to appeal to the TikTok viewer. TikTok is a niche platform on which dynamic content keeps viewers engaged and performs incredibly well.

Read on to discover how to produce high-performing TikTok campaigns that lead to website conversions.


TikTok : the newest way to take your marketing to the next level


Engage from the start

Firstly, let’s take a moment to consider the TikTok viewer-persona. Their constant scrolling has given them an incredibly short attention span and they’re looking for instant engagement and interesting content – otherwise, they’ll scroll right past your ad.

The very first few seconds are crucial in setting the tone for a dynamic ad. Ensure you add a short caption at the start that effectively sums up what the following video is about (eg “3 ways to ____”, “How to ____” ) or entices the viewer to keep watching ( eg “Meet my new favourite ____”, “Wish I knew about this sooner”, ““Why you need this in your life”). You can be creative with this or stick to phrases like these that tend to work on the platform.

The viewer typically won’t carry on watching if it isn’t immediately clear what the rest of the TikTok is about – satisfying their short attention span is necessary in setting the right tone with your TikToks.


Essential elements

What do you need to create an engaging TikTok ad that shows off your product line and entices viewers to visit your site? Whether you’re creating an unboxing product focus or using UGC (User Generated Content), we’ll break it down for you:


1 – Always use dynamic transitions

Only use exactly what you need in each clip – if one clip is one second too long to stay 100% engaging, TikTok viewers are tempted to scroll onto the next video.

It’s brutal – that’s why it’s worth being a little ruthless with your content – what would be engaging to younger viewers? Does it keep up with the instant-gratification method that succeeds on Tiktok?


2 – Include a ‘human presence’

Whether it’s a hand or a face in the frame, TikToks including someone using or handling the featured product naturally engage viewers more than videos without any human presence.




3 – Include captions

Depending on your clip lengths and whether or not your visual content speaks for itself, add captions to keep viewers engaged.

If your video doesn’t include a talk-through or voiceover, you can add text-to-voice on each caption, automatically converting them to spoken captions. This feature is often used on product-focussed content, so TikToks making use of this will fit right in with the viewership.

Keep your captions short and easy-to-read alongside the visual content – watching your TikTok should feel natural, and not strained or stressful to gain all the information it shows.



4 – Add music or audio

TikTok offers a rich library of sounds you can add to clips, which can also be background music for voiceovers or talk-throughs.


5 – Include your brand name clearly at the start or the end

If viewers are interested in your products, they want to be quickly told where to find them. Make it easy for viewers by prompting the next step – conversion on your site.


6 – Finally, add a CTA

This can be a clear “Shop at ____” at the end of the ad, or something slightly less obvious but still powerful (eg “Get yours at ____”).


Align with the algorithm

Now you’ve got the basics for creating engaging TikTok content, what more can you do to succeed on this platform and be rewarded by the algorithm? The more people that view, like, comment and share your video, the more views you’ll get, as TikTok’s algorithm rewards seemingly engaging and popular content.

Let’s find out how you can increase your chances of higher views:

1 – Use hashtags in the video caption – before you post a TikTok ad, ensure the caption contains a few hashtags. These can be relevant to your product, market and video content (eg #grwm for ‘Get ready with me’-style content, or #howto #howtoguide), or you can find trending hashtags that could increase views.

2 – Use trending songs/audio – on TikTok, trends rule supreme and get you noticed, and this includes the audio you choose. If you identify tracks and audio clips that many users are adding to videos, see if you could incorporate these in an engaging way in your own videos.

3 – Create videos that loop – TikTok videos play on loop, and the more times you watch the same TikTok, the more the algorithm thinks it’s worth showing to others. If videos don’t have the clearest beginning and end, users might rewatch it before they even realise- if the first clip naturally continues from the last, you can trick viewers into watching your ad multiple times.



So, that’s how you can up your TikTok game and align with the algorithm. By spending some time on this platform and paying attention to high-performing content and other well-made TikTok ads, you’ll get the hang of how it’s done.

Creating and scaling high-performing TikTok content could be just what your business needs to reach new heights and attract new audiences.  If you’d like further guidance with creating successful TikTok content, or you’re interested in finding out more about our in-house TikTok services, get in touch with us today. Our Marketing Specialists are here to help your social media marketing get to the next level 🚀