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Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

When publishing Facebook Ads, you obviously want to see the best results possible. However, if they aren’t even being delivered in the first place, then this can be a little bit difficult.


There are a number of reasons why your ads might not be delivered, and most are fairly straightforward to fix. If you want to know the reasons why your Facebook Ads aren’t delivering they’re being rejected in the first place, don’t worry, we’ve highlighted the most common reasons below, as well as how to fix them!


You’ve reached your spending limit


Let’s start with a simple problem that seems silly, but one that actually affects many businesses. When running ads, you will have to set a spending limit that runs across the whole ad account. When this limit is reached, your ads will no longer be shown on Facebook.


The good news is that this is very easy to fix. All you have to do is go to the Billing & Payment Methods tab in Ads Manager, where you will be able to see your current spending limit. Simply edit, reset or remove the figure and your ads will start delivering again.


Your ads aren’t scheduled correctly


Again, this problem might seem like something you’d spot immediately, but it is a surprisingly common issue. If you’ve scheduled ads for a specific time and date, then Facebook will only run them during that timeframe.


If you have a campaign that is scheduled to run in the future or one that has already passed its end date, then all you need to do is change the specified time.


Your ads violate Facebook’s policies


This issue is slightly more serious than the previous ones we’ve looked at and trickier to fix as a result. If your ad doesn’t meet Facebook’s advertising standards, then it will be rejected outright. This happens to a lot of businesses because Facebook is extremely strict with what they will allow on ads.


Restricted or prohibited content, such as depictions of violence, weapons or vulgar language are the easiest issues to spot, but sometimes things like misleading ads, fake offers or even irrelevant landing pages can see your ads rejected.


Brands or businesses that are advertising for special purposes, such as political campaigns or social causes, will be limited purely because of their grouping, so make sure this is correct before querying rejected ads.


If you’re not sure why your ads have been rejected or believe they have been marked incorrectly, then you can appeal to Facebook. They will then reinstate the ads if the appeal is successful.


In the case that your ads are still rejected, you will have to make the required changes. Facebook will give a reason for why your ads were rejected initially, such as inappropriate copy or content, so you will have to change the offending aspects and then resubmit the ads.



The ads have limited engagement


Making your ads as engaging for users isn’t just desirable for their experience, as Facebook can hinder your campaigns if they aren’t connecting with your targeted audience. This is why you need to pay attention to your Ad Relevance Diagnostics.


This will allow you to see the Quality, Engagement Rate and Conversion Rate for your ads. Essentially, you can use this to quantify how good your ads are when compared with others in the same audience, whether they are as engaging and ultimately determine if they are getting competitive conversion rates.


When looking at your scores, you should target ads with a ‘low’ ranking, as getting these into the ‘average’ category is more beneficial than moving ones already rated average into the above-average section.


Using the diagnostics, you can see which specific areas need work. For example, if you are having trouble with conversion rates, then you need to focus on your post-click experience, such as the landing page you are directing users to, or even re-examine your targeted audience.


The ads are stuck in review


We’ve already covered how Facebook reviews every ad before they go live, but what if you’re having issues with the process itself? Facebook advises that the review process should take 24 hours, but that it may be longer in some cases.


On holidays such as Christmas or Black Friday, Facebook will be inundated with ads to review, so the process may take longer across the board. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to speed the review process up. However, there are preparations you can make to ensure this isn’t an issue.


You can schedule your ads ahead of time, which means that they will already be reviewed at the point you need them live. However, if you make changes to the targeting, creatives, optimisation or billing event, then they will need to be reviewed again.


Let Social Nucleus Help


As you can see, a comprehensive knowledge is required to ensure Facebook ads are simply being delivered. We haven’t even mentioned how to optimise these ads for best results or the importance of having a cohesive, multi-channel marketing strategy. The short of it is that it’s very complicated to run effectively on your own, especially when you’re dealing with all the other aspects of owning a business.


With that in mind, why not let the experts help? At Social Nucleus, we have an account manager, digital specialists and a creative time who can oversee every aspect of your Facebook Ads marketing. We work in Scrum formation, which means you’ll get a dedicated team who will work to ensure your ads are providing the best results possible. . If you’d like to take your advertising to the next level, get in touch and start connecting with your audience now.