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Monday, March 8th, 2021

4 Accounts to Get Marketing Inspiration

When the inspiration runs dry, where better to turn to than other marketing personalities. There are so many great accounts out there that churn out amazing content to get the cogs flowing, so for today’s post, we thought we would share with you our favourite accounts to turn to when you need a bit of content or marketing inspo!

Social Savannah

Social Savannah is one of our favourite accounts to delve into when we’re feeling dry on the inspiration front. With over 5 years in the industry, Savannah is an expert in paid social strategies for eCommerce brands. On her Instagram and Twitter platforms, she shares paid social updates, strategy tips, content inspiration and SO much more!

You can find her here – www.thesocialsavannah.com 

Belinda Weaver

When it comes to copywriting, Belinda Weaver is your woman. She is the founder of CopywriteMatters, a copywriting business and community. She shares lots of free copywriting advice through her blog and social channels. She has also created copywriting groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, connecting copywriters all across the globe. If you’re looking to brush up on your copy skills, this is the place to be.

You can find her here – www.copywritematters.com 


AdEspresso is the advertising focused blog run by Hootsuite. Their blog covers everything you could ever imagine to do with Facebook and Google advertising. It is one of the best resources to keep up to date with Facebook and Google Ads news and tactics to run successful campaigns that convert!

You can find them here – www.adespresso.com/blog 

Ad Alchemist

Another blog that we love over here at Social Nucleus is Ads Alchemist. A blog ran by an anonymous individual who has over 7 years’ experience in Facebook ads. They have launched their own blog giving readers a continuous stream of free, actionable Facebook ads content. Their Twitter page is particularly useful in sharing top tips so if you’re an active user over there we recommend you drop them a follow!

You can find them here –  www.adalchemist.com 

So, there you have it. If you ever need some marketing inspo to kickstart your next project, give these accounts a little attention! We’re confident they’ll give you the boost you need to smash your business goals.