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Thursday, March 16th, 2023

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic entirely redefined the structure of the way we lived our lives both personally and professionally, with many office-based businesses left with no other option but to adopt remote working. 

Fast forward almost 3 years to date, many businesses (including here at SN) have still opted to keep remote and hybrid working as a permanent part of their business model, due to the numerous advantages that come with this style of working. 

If you’re still apprehensive about making WFH a permanent part of your business then we’ve got you covered, as we share the top four favourite benefits of working from home. 



Although it goes without saying, working from home can do wonders for your work schedule and general organisation. Your morning, lunchtime and evening routines are free for you to do as you like without the stress of planning around commutes or rush hour traffic.

This point is particularly beneficial for employees who are parents or carers, as remote or hybrid working allows more time to focus on important personal responsibilities such as the school run or getting to appointments.

Improved work-life balance & general well-being 

Whether your ideal morning is getting in an early beneficial workout or a cheeky lie-in to recharge, working from home allows you to easily manage your time and focus on things that are important and personal to you! 

In fact, 47% of people say that thanks to hybrid working they’ve seen a significant improvement in their mental health and well-being, which in turn has made them feel valued as an employee. 



Increased productivity

Working in an office is great for connecting with your team and is an easy way to stay social. However, as many of us know too well, sometimes the office environment can cause distractions away from your work… 

Working from home allows more control and flexibility around interactions .i.e responding to emails or Slack notifications in your own time, and pausing notifications altogether when you don’t want to be disturbed. 

On top of general freedom of communication, WFH allows you to work in whichever way you feel most comfortable with the freedom to change your work settings (i.e from the bedroom to your study) and even location (i.e going to a workspace or work cafe).


Environmental benefits

With the world going greener, there has been a huge amount of pressure on millions of businesses to go net zero by 2050…

Unless you’re lucky enough to walk or cycle to work, unfortunately, the majority of our daily commutes impact the environment via increased C02 emissions, but thankfully this can be solved by switching to a WFH pattern for you and your employees. 

When the initial WFH order was announced in March 2020, globally we saw a huge drop in pollution as a result of the sudden shift in daily commutes. Studies have now shown that a whopping 7.8 billion vehicles aren’t used each year for those who work at least part-time from home! 



Here at Social Nucleus, we’ve seen first-hand how beneficial a WFH structure can be for both our team and the work we produce, and we wouldn’t be able to achieve the same groundbreaking results without it! 

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