5 Tips for Summer Campaigns

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

Summer is finally here! It’s everyone’s favourite time of year…except for conversions. 

Unfortunately, Summer is statistically the least profitable season for online businesses which can really put a damper on your sunny days. 

Due to the hot weather and increase in holidays, it’s the most significant time of year when customers aren’t glued to their screens which inevitably leads to a drop in conversions, open rates, leads etc. 

However, you don’t need to wait for leaves to change colour to start seeing your sales rise again; there are ways to tackle the summer heat, and we’ve compiled our top 5 tips on running a successful summer campaign. 

Summer Sale 

Firstly, probably the easiest way to encourage sales is to simply embrace that summer feeling with themed sales surrounding the season. This could be as simple as using summer-related discount codes or spicing up your CTAs i.e. from ‘Get this deal ✨’ to ‘Get this summer deal ☀️’. 

This would also be the ideal time to launch a themed sale that your audience would not typically expect from your brand. For example, executing a flash sale has been proven to boost transaction rates by 67%.



Take advantage of key events 

Despite summer not being the busiest time of year, that does not mean you should stray away from capitalising on key events & holidays. 

For example here in the UK, we have a number of events and occasions that are essential to implement in any summer-related campaign 

For example: 

-August Summer Bank Holiday 

-Festival season (Leeds & Reading, Creme Fields, Boomtown)

-Back-to-school season 

Applying any of the above to your marketing campaigns is a fun and experimental way to generate sales. 


Marketing dates 

Following on from capitalising on key dates, if you ever find yourself short for ideas it’s always ideal to look into Marketing Dates – these are dates that are hugely influenced by social media and naturally generate brand awareness. 

Fortunately, no matter the niche of your brand there is no shortage of ‘National Days’, therefore you will be able to implement at least one into an upcoming Summer Campaign:

– 4th July America’s Independence Day

-7th July World Chocolate day

-17th July World Emoji Day

– 1st August National Girlfriend Day


 Update your look 

Summer is the ideal time to give your brand a quick ‘Glow-Up’ to fit around the seasonal themes, which ultimately will give your campaigns an original fresh look for re-targeted audiences to look forward to. 

Tweaking your look to reflect a ‘summer vibe’ will really help encourage customers to shop further as you’re naturally resonating with how they’re feeling and overall keeping a relevant style to your brand. 

This is the perfect time to experiment with new colours and themes you would previously shy away from- this can simply be a change of background, logo colour or imagery in general. 




Sunshine, ice cream, palm trees…when it comes to summer the emoji library has it all. Although we understand emojis aren’t for everyone and don’t fit every brand, it’s recommended to implement a pinch of summer into your campaigns to make them even more eye-catching than usual. This would work particularly well with your email marketing as a study has shown that an emoji in the subject line of an email increases the open rate by 29% and the click-through rate by 28% (Medium.com). 


Here at Social Nucleus, we appreciate that summer campaigns can be challenging and a particularly stressful time of year for a business owner. If you need assistance with excelling your business over Q3, get in touch today and our team of marketing specialists will be happy to assist you 🚀