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Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

TikTok Creatives Tips


The world of social media is ever-growing, with new platforms, channels and possibilities for consumers and brands alike. When it comes to new players in the social game, no name has made as big a splash as TikTok. In fact, the platform’s growth has been so exceptional that it recently overtook Google as the most popular website in 2021!


With millions of users logging in every day, it is no surprise to see that many businesses are trying to utilise some of that traffic. However, as it is such a new space, many are struggling due to not knowing the conventions, the tools available or the content that performs best.


If you’re thinking of setting up TikTok campaigns for your brand, but don’t know where to start, read on, as we go over our top TikTok Creative Tips!


Use The Tools Provided


The first thing to take note of is the comprehensive toolset TikTok offers you when creating content. It’s a simple, easy-to-use interface, but one where you have a huge variety of options to tailor content and posts in whatever way you need.


Text overlays, video effects and even automated speech are all available for you to play around with. It’s not going to rival the efforts of dedicated professionals with a high budget set up, but it’s more than enough to make TikTok users take notice.




This is important for any social media, but it is especially so for TikTok. The platform is filled with raw content that doesn’t have a huge budget behind it. The DIY nature of the posts is actually one of TikTok’s biggest unique selling points though, with clever use of TikTok’s native toolset valued over professional, high-quality posts.


User-generated content has seen a huge increase across social platforms in general over the past few years, it is the focal point of TikTok specifically. People don’t want to see faceless clips of products with no personality behind them, instead, they’re looking for strong personas to latch onto.




Following current trends is simply common sense for any social media marketing strategy. While it’s obviously desirable to be the trendsetter, if you’re not taking note of what is working for other brands and influencers then you are making your job a thousand times harder.


Look at what your competitors are doing, the type of content influencers in your field are putting and, of course, any specific trends that are going viral. Attaching yourself to a hashtag or dance craze can genuinely see your engagement levels skyrocket. Imitating and reinventing content based on these trends can be tremendously profitable, you just have to take notice of them.


Speak to your Audience


At this point, TikTok has over one billion users and in an ideal world, you would want every single one of them to watch your content. Sadly, this isn’t realistic, but the upside is that there is a huge consumer pool sitting there waiting for you. The trick is not to appeal to everyone but to hone in on the communities that will offer the most to your brand.


Don’t be afraid to go too niche; an engaged audience that is patiently waiting for your next post is far more valuable than an open one that might take a passing interest. Make sure you establish the audience you should be targeting before you make any campaigns, then tailor them accordingly.


Engaging Copy


TikTok is mainly a visual medium, but that doesn’t mean you can just completely forget about copy. Captions, text overlays and even scripts for the text to speech are hugely important for delivering context and key information to people viewing your post.


Taking advantage of hashtags or using captions to prompt interactivity from users is absolutely crucial. The platform itself seems to understand how vital this can be, as there is even a ‘safe zone’ included which will show you if your message is blocked by the various buttons on the interface.


Interact and Post Often


The final, and perhaps most important, point is to make sure you are regularly interacting with your audience, influencers and even other brands. Frequent posts will see your engagement rise naturally, but can also see huge spikes if you are taking part in current trends or utilising hashtags as much as possible.


Interacting with both your audience and fellow brands on a regular basis won’t just boost your engagement levels, it will also help you build connections which you can then make the most of through collaborations. More often than not, when two profiles work on the content together, their respective audiences take note, so this is something that can be hugely beneficial.


Make the Most of TikTok with Social Nucleus


These TikTok creative tips can help you get the ball rolling when it comes to content creation. However, if your business is looking to generate sales and fully take advantage of this new medium, then you might need a bit of help.


At Social Nucleus, we have already started rolling out TikTok campaigns for our clients, generating engaging content and increased sales. We can handle the creative side, as well as ensure your ads get sent to the right audiences.


It’s not just TikTok though, we have a comprehensive set of services that can help make the most of your social campaigns, with dedicated copywriters, graphic designers and account managers on hand to help with whatever you need. If you’d like to take your advertising to the next level, get in touch and start connecting with your audience now.